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Due to strong demand, supply orders economy comes to 14 days, please note that this is rare.

** IMPORTANT: Orders placed before noon Monday - Thursday will be delivered the next day. Put your order before 12:00 Friday, Monday accept. Friday and Saturday or Sunday within two working days after 00:00, delivery of the order.

Until my order arrives? / How to wear the costs?

We follow the delivery service at 10:00 am, expected before the next lower economic costs of high quality of a working day, choose delivery options.

What is the carrier to deliver my order?

We use it to select the various operators based on location.

My Orders can be sent to others or in other places? Yes. In our payment page, you can enter a shipping address and the billing address different.

How do I know if my order has been dispatched?

Yes, when you order, orders received email confirmation, to ensure that the second message, your order has been shipped

What is the return policy?

We hope that you can be completely satisfied with your purchase, if you want to give something back, we have your back. Here's what you should know if you want to return an item:

• Give the date of purchase by the customer 45 days to try for a while. "
• 45 days, items can not be returned for any reason.
• This product should be used.
• command finish line can be returned to a local store or by mail.
• transportation projects are not repaid back.
* Note: Items purchased from can return only to

How to pay back the purchase?
• by email

See our work to follow the guidelines for how to return each method.

The product does not work? We are very sad to hear! Unfortunately, normal wear are not covered by the goods. So if your dog has to keep the new Jordan, there is not much you can do. Practical information here:

• When the damage is due to manufacturer defect in the exchange of goods dilapidated
• Reduce or sharp objects slices can not be changed
• transportation projects are not repaid back.
Items must be returned, please Us Contact

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